About Hunt 

This hunt consists of an interactive short story with mini-games.

Playing this game requires a HUD.To acquire the hunt HUD.

you can pick up the Japanese or English version of the game.

When you attach the hunt HUD for the first time, please grant the HUD permission to teleport you.

This permission is essential to advancing the game.

You may skip through the dialog if you wish, but for the most enjoyable experience,

please immerse yourself in the story and allow yourself to be an inhabitant of this world we have created. 

So as to allow other players to enjoy the hunt for themselves,

we kindly ask that you refrain from posting spoilers (including hints, passwords, and item locations) on blogs or other social media.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.













I can not teleport!


When you attach the hunt HUD for the first time,

the teleport permission dialog is displayed.

Please grant the HUD permission to teleport you.

If you have already proceeded without allowing the HUD to teleport you,

press the yellow reset button on the left side of the HUD,

and the permission dialog should reappear.






I can't move to the next area​!


In some levels of the game, there are objectives that you need to complete before you can move on.

Please ensure that you have key items attached to your avatar,

and move closer to quest-relevant objects/NPCs before you click them.



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